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HAZA Foods Journey

In February 2013, Owner Ali Dhanani acquired 34 Wendy’s restaurants in the Houston DMA becoming the now known HAZA Foods Franchise. In December of 2013, HAZA Foods acquired 30 more restaurants in the Austin DMA. By 2015, HAZA Foods grew just a tad and acquired 19 more locations while also completing 7 new builds, bringing the total number of restaurants to 89 locations, making HAZA Foods one of the largest franchises in Texas.

Despite the exponential growth in a short period of time, HAZA Foods had a little growth spurt and acquired 74 more Wendy’s restaurants in Louisiana in August 2016, making HAZA Foods the largest franchise in that state and increasing HAZA’s portfolio to 184 restaurants. In November of 2017, HAZA Foods entered into the Minneapolis DMA hitting yet another growth spurt by acquiring 53 restaurants bringing the portfolio to a total of 254 locations including 80 remodeled locations and 35 New Builds from February 2013.

8 years later, HAZA Foods has acquired two more DMA's including Cincinnati, Ohio & Buffalo, New York adding an additional 130+ stores in 2021 making it a total of more than 380. HAZA Foods is now the largest Wendy’s franchisee in the system and growing.

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Mohammed Ali Dhanani


"A happy guest is the cornerstone of our success"

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